Fuel Ethers


Fuel ethers have many properties which make them excellent gasoline components for cleaner and sustainable fuels. They have an important role to play in creating a cleaner environment.

Among their many benefits they

  • improve air quality by reducing the emissions of exhaust pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulates (PM). Reducing these pollutants improves air quality. Learn more.
  • reduce GHG emissions: by using ethers refiners use less refinery fuel when producing finished gasoline than when using ethanol instead. This energy efficiency means naturally less CO2 emissions.  Learn more.
  • enable the use of biofuels by enhancing the properties of bio-ethanol used in their production. Among other, they contribute to less CO2 emissions across their life-cycle than using ethanol directly. Learn more.
  • increase refining flexibility and gasoline production: if fuel ethers are used in combination with other high octane components, it is possible to produce larger quantities of gasoline. Learn more.

Fuel ethers are therefore the preferred option of carmakers and refiners in terms of biofuels.