Health, Safety & Environment


EFOA continuously promotes best practices for handling fuel ethers as part of its commitment to human health and the environment.

Fuel ethers are closely related substances of the same generic family. Their environmental and health impact are therefore broadly comparable, with the exception of some minor variations. 

Fuel ethers have been subjected to EU risk assessments - Learn more. Test data and experience from exposure to humans, demonstrate that fuel ethers have a low order of acute and sub-acute toxicity. They are not mutagenic, teratogenic nor a reproductive toxicant.

The Chemical Safety Reports, which have been prepared for ETBE, MTBE and TAME as part of the registration with regard to the new EU chemical regulation REACH in 2010, confirm the conclusions of the EU Risk Assessment Reports and answer open issues from the former assessments. They also provide an updated list of available information. The recommended operational conditions contained in the Chemical Safety Reports are designed to ensure that ethers are handled safely with respect to both the environment and human health - Learn more.

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